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I met with Dr. Cecilia Gulyas last October, about 4 months ago to seek alternative therapies for these reasons:

Help improve my vision / eyesight, to help get off asthma steroidal spray that I've used for 7 years, increase energy and maintain or increase my peace of mind, help sexual libido, lower hand tremors, and achieve a better quality of sleep.

This may seem like a rather long list, but I somehow was confident that these all would be improved if Dr. Cecilia could stimulate specific acupuncture points correcting imbalances in the flow of qi.

Dr. Cecilia used acupuncture, diet counseling, and herbal remedies to accomplish my health goals. Oh, she also asked me to reconsider some medical "labels" that were placed upon me by doctors in the past.

After the first week the changes were noticeable by myself, family and friends. And the improvements continue as the weeks go on.

I am pleasantly surprised at how well Dr. Cecilia listens and takes notes, as she keeps of very detailed file on me. This is very rare in Western medicine, because most doctors work on numbers of patients processed. I am certainly convinced that good health cannot be achieved through the prescription pad.

I know there are many people around who have lost confidence in Western medicine and are looking for a viable alternative.

I can solidly attest that the methods of Dr. Cecilia Gulyas have worked for me. Both the Doctor and her staff are excellent in my estimation.

I have given permission to the practice to give my phone number if requested, just ask for the number of Greg S. if you have any questions.

Thank you so much.




  • P A.

  • San Antonio, TX


Dr. Gulyas is truly amazing. I decided to see her after suffering from horrible Pms and polycystic ovaries. I had 3 doctors treat me to no avail. My symptoms were lower back pain and irregular menses. Also, my hair started falling, my skin started drying out, I couldn't sleep, I had mood swings and lack of energy. Two visits to dr Gulyas and I noticed a dramatic improvement on my sleep and stress level. My cycle also became regular and asymptomatic. This hadn't happened in years! I wanted to cry but even my emotions were under control lol. I can't thank her enough for all she's done for me. She is patient, kind, caring, clean, and doesn't make you wait. I know very few doctors with those qualities and I'm a nurse! I hope this review helps someone suffering with the same ailments. As long as they are consistent and follow her advice on diet and lifestyle changes as I did, there is no doubt in my mind that they too will be cured.




  • T Y.

  • San Antonio, TX


Dr. Cecilia Gulyas is wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and does a great job of explaining treatment options. I've struggled with IBS and headaches as a result of anxiety and stress. My weekly treatments with Dr. Cecilia have helped me to understand how the foods that I eat affect my body. I have fewer IBS fares and headaches. My visits helps me to slow down and listen to my body. I use my time on the table to meditate and pray which helps with stress and anxiety. I'm given packets and the end of each treatment that are compounded specifically for me. I'm not sure what's in the packets but they work. My visits with Dr. Cecilia help to keep me balanced mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Dr. Cecilia offers personalized treatment and companionate care.





Dr. Cecilia is not only a doctor but an educator in health.  I took a relative to see her and she spent way more time understanding the issue and educating us on the cause. She honestly cares about the patient’s well-being and their success. In this country we look at Eastern medicine as a last resort when it should be the first line of defense.





Dr. Gulyas is a true healer.  I felt extremely tired and run down with hormone issues and fibroids wreaking havoc on me.  I had scheduled a hysterectomy but decided I would try this first.  Within 4 visits, one month of acupuncture and eating healthy and taking the herbs she gave me, I felt the best I had felt in 7 years.  I am hoping the fibroids are shrinking and will have a sonogram in a month or two to see.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to balance my hormones and allow my body to heal itself naturally by using Chinese medicine. I am so grateful I finally have energy and feel great again.  I wake up early now with eyes wide open ready to go, whereas before for 7 years I would drag out of bed never feeling rested and barely be able to do anything without wanting to rest soon. Cecilia has a special gift for healing and has helped me tremendously.






Dr. Cecilia Hsing Gulyas is the best acupuncturist I have ever met, I had all my pregnancies treated with acupuncture with her.  What I love about her is that she cares a lot for her patients, she listens and focuses on my needs to get healed naturally. On my 4th pregnancy I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes, something I had never had. Doctors wanted to put me on medication right away to control my sugar levels they also gave me a strict diet that it's not very nutritious for me and the baby.  Doctors gave me incorrect diet wanted me to eat things that are fast premade to be more convenient that is not very good to put nutrients inside your body.  I researched that acupuncture plus a strict diet can help regulate your glucose levels. I went to Dr. Cecilia Hsing Gulyas to get treated and thanks to her I was able to regulate my sugar levels without having to take insulin.  She gave me diet instructions on what are the right foods to eat for a good nutrition for me and the baby to regulate the glucose levels.  After following her diet and getting treatments of acupuncture with her. My glucose levels were regulated back to normal, and the best part I deliver my beautiful healthy baby girl without having to inject myself with insulin.  She also induce me naturally with acupuncture with all my pregnancies and all my deliveries were natural and easy to deliver healthy babies.  All thanks to Dr. Gulyas, she has the she is the best. On this review I give her an A++++ for being positive and caring to her patients like me.




  • Solomon K.

  • San Antonio, TX                                                                                                   


Very unprofessional!!! Called to inquire about services and to get information and the idiot that answered their phone was extremely rude and just outright unprofessional. If this is how a potential patient/customer is treated before ever becoming a paying client, would suggest taking your business somewhere else!

Well, well, well... Because I left them a horrible review and called yesterday to give feedback about their very rude and unprofessional receptionist, these clowns called the POLICE!!! with a "concern" now guessing had my name shown it would be synonymous with "WHITE PRIVILEGE" they would have issued an apology but instead they called the police. Haha  just smh. This has got to be purely bias and plain ignorance. Honestly if you're considering patronizing this place, DO NOT!! Yeah, will be reporting this to the BBB also. Racist Bastards!!!

AcuCare's response: I'm not sure the true motivation (look at all our 5 Star reviews over the past decade) behind this mean spirited review. We apologize for whatever caused this. To those who have visited our clinic, I trust that your experience shows the above reviewer's claim to be without merit.


Dr. Gulyas and her staff are friendly and professional. Dr. Gulyas is extremely knowledgeable and talented.  Also, to clear up any misconception a recent review left, the staff are diverse, as is the clientele I have noticed in the office on my regular visits. I have never been treated with anything but professionalism and kindness on the phone or in person. (Friend, I hope you find some peace.)

I have been treated for very resistant hormonal issues and autoimmune issues and have received some relief on both fronts. Dr. Gulyas will listen, discuss and take extensive notes at the beginning of the appointment, then transfer to a treatment room and give the treatment which lasts about 40 minutes and is very relaxing. I have had many awesome naps on her treatment table! After the acupuncture treatment you may be offered customized herbal blends (usually drinkable powders for me) which complement and enhance the treatment. There is an additional charge for herbs and they are optional, but I really find them to make treatments that much better. I leave feeling relaxed and sometimes needing additional rest depending on personal issues of the moment.  Rest and extra hydration strongly recommended after treatment!

You may find this doctor to be slightly more expensive but you get what you pay for, in my opinion. I have sampled less expensive treatments in SA, and she is the true quality.

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