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I have had 2 visits with Cecilia and first let me say that she is very detailed in her evaluation interview before your session beings, she is different from others due to her nursing background so you'll have your blood pressure and pulse taken as well, that's a plus in my book. Cecilia conducts herself professionally yet encompasses a very welcoming and nurturing persona. We discussed my health concerns then with her insight came upon a plan of action to remedy them. I feel calm and ready to cope with daily life, my body feels well rested I know that I'm on a good course of action now and heading towards well-being of body, mind and spirit "full circle or balanced" I suppose is the word I'm looking for to feel as if your grounded is of the upmost importance to me. Thank you Cecilia this is the presence of a partnership in health that I am looking forward to. I am female so my issues are dealing with fatigue, hormones, stress, and any issue that can throw me off my game. Give her a+





Review by Richard Bashara I lived with back pain and stiffness for several years. I tried excersise, massage therapy and a chiropractor-none of them solved my problem. Then I heard of AcuCare and Dr. Cecilia. After my first treatment I felt an enormous improvement. Now, after my second one I feel totally loose and pain free. Cecilia is charming and calm, she possess great knowledge and gives you a warm, comfortable feeling. She is an exceptionally gifted acupuncturist and I highly recommend her services.





Highly recommend. Dr. Cecilia Hsing Gulyas is very knowledgeable and skilled in TCM. She has successfully treated for me both severe headaches and insomnia... I had consulted a number of western medicine specialists who had no idea of how to treat these issues without invasive, dependent forming medications. I am now headache free and I have no trouble sleeping

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