Jesse Jones

3 reviews

4 months ago

I decided to try a different approach to pain management. Holistic medicine. It seems every time I visit the doctor Office I received more and more pills. Get a pain get a pill then get a pill to cure the side effect on and on. Enough pills! It is not the doctor's fought. They are trained that way. I made an appointment 2017 with Dr. Cecelia. I arrived to my appt. My bp was taken. Pictures were taken of my tongue front and back. She conducted a Medical counseling with questions and answer of what I expected. Notes made. I was told to go to the bathroom then I chose the Summer room where Dr. Cecelia proceeded treatment by inserting pins into my head, ears, shoulders, arms, down to my feet as she explain. She asked do you feel the energy path. I felt it connect as she inserted. I laid there 45 minutes as the energy moved from from pin to pin. Breath in Breath out listen to water sounds relax. It is serenity. I was nervous at first. Now I close my eyes and imagine being anywhere. You have to experience it. You will be glad you did.





Kaitlin Decker

1 review

5 months ago

I scheduled an appointment at AcuCare Solutions for help with my chronic fatigue and autoimmune disease. Previously all my doctors had simply prescribed various medications without asking about my lifestyle or probing deeper into solving the underlying problem. You can tell Dr. Gulyas really cares because every aspect of a healthy lifestyle is discussed - stressors, diet, exercise, sleep patterns. Getting acupuncture is an important component of treatment, even if it seems a little scary at first. Dr. Gulyas makes the process very relaxing and comfortable, and the results speak for themselves. I have had chronic fatigue and problems stemming from my autoimmune disease for 10 years and getting acupuncture is the first time I felt like I had control over my health. The staff are also exceptionally friendly and courteous so making an appointment is very easy. I highly recommend AcuCare Solutions if you're looking for acupuncture but also if you're looking for a doctor who listens to your concerns.





Kirsten Worden

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7 months ago

I have been a patient of Dr. Cecilia for almost two years. I started going for several health issues which have all improved over that time. She is very thorough in discussing my issues, and helpful with discussion of diet and lifestyle choices to improve health and well being at every visit. I feel relaxed and reenergized after every session. If you have never experienced acupuncture before, AcuCare is a great place to start. Dr. Cecilia explains as she places the therapeutic needles what sensation to expect and which points will connect to benefit your particular issue(s). I can feel the treatment beginning to work when certain points connect and create gentle tingling sensations, or sometimes a more electric sensation or reflex reaction down the nerve path. Often during treatment I feel a euphoric floating feeling, but have also experienced a heavy relaxation while resting while needles are in place. I also often sleep during a session because it is so relaxing. After each session I have the option to add herbs to the treatment to enhance the effects. I love that the herbs are custom formulated from an excellent natural pharmacy right in the office.

Dr. Cecelia’s bedside manner is pleasant and efficient, and her staff are personable and professional. I have never had issues with long office waits or difficulty making or changing appointments even though the office is quite busy.







Allyson Saad

5 reviews

8 months ago

My son had a serious back and sciatic nerve injury that a steroid shot, muscle relaxers, and prescription level naproxen could not relieve (well, except for the few hours after the shot). A little research prompted me to convince him to try acupuncture.

He was more than a little skeptical, believing it was all a little "hoo-hoo." I explain that there is neurological research to support the benefits, but if it wasn't working for him after the first visit he didn't have to continue. He came out of the treatment room feeling noticeably better and we scheduled a second appt. Later that night he was back to feeling almost as poorly as before the treatment and in frustration he asked me to cancel the next visit, so I did, though I reminded him that Dr. Gulyas had said he might feel a bit sore the first day.

The next morning he woke early and asked me to try and reschedule it - it was the first night he actually slept through the night since the injury. One more visit and he is completely without any discomfort and back to training camp.

Bottom line: IT WORKS. If we ever need it, we will go back.

Note: Don't let the rather dingy office fool you - Dr. Gulyas clearly knows what she's doing. Oh, and they take insurance.







Cindy Grotzinger

2 reviews

a year ago

I am forever grateful for the treatment I received from Dr. Cecilia Hsing Gulyas. I was told by several doctors that neuropathy caused by chemotherapy could not be healed. After just a few treatments at AcuCare Solutions the pain was gone!






Julius Lorenzi

Local Guide · 102 reviews · 42 photos

a year ago

I had never experienced acupuncture before and well I must say it’s better and safer than taking medications for pain. I admired that the Dr. and she is by degree; went over health and nutrition questions as a whole. She didn't just look at my pain but what could be the cause of it. She was exceptionally thorough and I highly recommend her. P.S. I only recommend doctors I trust and feel they do what is in the best interests of their patients.




Paul Vanek

4 reviews

a year ago

Dr. Cecilia Gulyas is wonderful! I have been a patient of hers at Acu-care since Aug 2017, and since then there has been substantial improvement in my lower back (OIF injury), and my headaches. I am a veteran, and she has treated me with the utmost respect and has answered any and all questions I have regarding procedures for my health and wellness. These conditions both chronic and acute have been getting better. I look forward to my appts. because when I leave, I feel revitalized, and it's as if I am floating! I am very relaxed and knowing that my body is healing, is very rewarding after what I HAVE been through in the Marine Corps. Additionally, she has helped me to understand how the foods that I eat affect my total body care. Dr. Gulyas has been using TCM: (Traditional Chinese Medicine) medicine on me and it has been very favorable during my weekly appointments, and she does have herbs that you can buy for your post treatment which enhance the healing and well-being.
Her admin staff a wonderful addition to the practice! TY Crystal and others.






Allison Showgren

1 review

a year ago

Cecilia takes Acupuncture to a new level, she treats the whole body not just one of your aches or pains. I moved to California 3 years ago and after trying 6 different acupuncturists I gave up. Now I fly in to see Cecilia every few months and she is definitely worth it. Can't say enough about how much of a difference it will make no matter what concerns you may have.






Irene Ortiz

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a year ago

Cecilia Gulyas, LAC; @ AcuCare Solutions is the best thing that happened to me. I don't like to take meds for my pain, she always does away with that pain with her treatment in the last 7 years. Her expertise in acupuncture is truly a gift and blessing to me. I always recommend her highly to my family and friends. Matter of fact, I have a treatment today and so happy she was able to accept me at the last minute. Greatly appreciate her, she is the best in acupuncture treatment.






Local Guide · 29 reviews · 3 photos

2 years ago

This is an amazing medication without side effects. I found physical and mental help in this place.





Richard C

3 reviews

2 years ago

I've been meaning to write a review sometime now of AcuCare Solutions. Recently moved away from San Antonio but hands down Dr. Gulyas is one of the most professional and educated acupuncturist in the San Antonio area. Holistic and natural approach, she treated a number of concerns I had from numerous years of overexerting myself. First appointment Dr. Gulyas reviews medical and personal history; and believe you and me she was much more accurate than any blood test could have provided to a physician. I've recommended her to family that still live in the area, I am such a strong believer, I've paid for their first visit.






Lydia Ghaly

Local Guide · 60 reviews · 73 photos

2 years ago

I learnt how to eat healthy even though I have been with nutrition specialists most of my life.
- there are many facts cause healing not only medicine which effected in negative way in my body and caused many problems.
- AcuCare is very friendly, helpful team.






Pam Arias

7 reviews

3 years ago

I have struggled with hormonal issues and polycystic ovaries for most of my life. My usual symptoms were irregular menstruation, anovulation, hair loss, weight gain especially in the abdomen, tiny skin tags on my neck area that appeared after pregnancy, difficulty getting pregnant, severe pms, anxiety, depression mood swings. I got pregnant at 36 then at 38 using natural remedies but after my last pregnancy my symptoms returned worse than before. I thought I was going crazy. My periods were now coming every 45 days or so and my insomnia and pms symptoms were now lasting 20 days! I refused the birth control my doctor offered due to previous bad experiences and decided to see Dr. Cecilia H. Gulyas. In as little as 3 treatments I had ovularéis normally and two weeks and two treatments later I got my period on the 29th day!!! Pms lasted for only 5 days this time. The bloating was less severe and my skin texture improved significantly and no more insomnia. Dr. Gulyas has impeccable bedside manners, little to no wait time, clean and calm environment and quiet temperature controlled rooms with meditative music. She also doesn't give (or didn't give me) daily meds or supplements. She gives tea bag sized herbal formulas that you only take once and you're done!!!! The point is that whatever she does works. She also doesn't insist on you going often. If she sees improvement she gives you diet and lifestyle changes and reduces the treatments. I still am loosing hair and am not completely normalized yet but once I am I plan to do monthly treatments for maintenance or per her recommendations.





Franchette Dyer

3 reviews · 1 photo

3 years ago

Dr. Cecelia is great. She has helped me feel better without a lot of medicine. Whatever your situation is, before you opt to do an operation, go check her out. I have been a patient for over 2+ years.


Wendy Liddle

1 review

3 years ago

Dr. Cecilia Hsing Gulyas is the most attentive and truly caring doctor I have been to. Dr. Cecilia takes the time to talk at length with my teenage daughter about both her physical and emotional health, covering nutrition, exercise and emotional well being, EVERY appointment. This holistic approach is missing from Western medicine but you'll find it here. My daughter is feeling a great deal better under Dr. Cecilia's care. Thank you Dr. Cecilia!






Greg Schipper

Local Guide · 24 reviews · 5 photos

4 years ago

I started seeing Dr. Cecilia Gulyas 4 months ago to seek alternative therapies for the following reasons:

Help my vision / eyesight, help get off asthma steroidal spray, increase energy but maintain or increase my peace of mind, help sexual libido, lower hand tremors, and achieve a better quality of sleep.

This may seem like a rather long list, but I somehow was confident that these all would be improved if Dr. Cecilia could stimulate specific acupuncture points correcting imbalances in the flow of qi.

Dr. Cecilia used acupuncture, diet counseling, and herbal remedies to accomplish my health goals. Oh, she also asked me to reconsider some medical "labels" that were placed upon me by doctors in the past.

After the first week the changes were noticeable by myself, family and friends. And the improvements continue as the weeks go on.

I am pleasantly surprised at how well Dr. Cecilia listens and takes notes, as she keeps of very detailed file on me. This is very rare in Western medicine, because most doctors work on numbers of patients processed. I am certainly convinced that good health cannot be achieved through the prescription pad.

I know there are many people around who have lost confidence in Western medicine and are looking for a viable alternative.

I can solidly attest that the methods of Dr. Cecilia Gulyas have worked for me.

I have given permission to the practice to give my phone number if requested, just ask for the number of Greg S. if you have any questions about my treatment.




Dawn Sanchez

4 reviews

4 years ago-

Dr. Cecelia Gulyas is amazing with her acupuncture needles. She has helped with my Lupus, fibromyalgia, allergies, heat flashes, and whatever else seems to bother me. My chiropractor asked for her business card because he could tell what a great improvement the acupuncture with Dr. Cecelia has had on me. With numerous health issues I sometimes stayed in bed and had a great deal of pain, however since starting acupuncture the time I spend in bed has decreased dramatically. I would recommend giving this a try for any issues that you might have, it’s great for so many things.

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